Cakes & Pies


***Cupcakes*** now available!  Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Italian Cream, Carrot Cake flavors.  – $18.00/dozen

Italian Cream Cake – $25.00 – Oh my goodness!  This triple layer cake is deliciously moist and yummy.  A must try!

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake – $20.00 – Delightfully rich chocolate cake full of chocolate chips.

Carrot Cake – $20.00 – A classic carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Apple Cake – $20.00 – This fresh apple cake is moist and delicious!

Red Velvet Cake – $20.00 – Delicious, light cake with cream cheese icing.

Chocolate Cake – $20.00 – The rich chocolate flavors of this cake and icing will pair nicely with a bowl of vanilla ice cream!

Strawberry Cake – $20.00 – Light, airy cake with delicious strawberry icing.

Chocolate Cream Pie – $12.50 – A rich filling topped with fresh whipped cream.

Pecan Pie – $14.75 – This traditional pecan pie is wonderful for any gathering.

Pumpkin Pie – $12.50 – This classic pumpkin pie is great any time of year.

Apple Pie – $12.50 – This two crusted, traditional pie is full of wonderful spices.

Cherry Pie – $12.50 – Juicy, tart cherries fill this traditional, two-crust pie.

Buttermilk Pie – $12.50 – Traditional, all-American recipe!  Yummy!

7 responses to “Cakes & Pies

  1. I would love to order a Strawberry Cake. Maria White gave me a piece of the one you made her and it was so good! My name is Jan Comer. Thank you.

  2. Hi again! We loved the strawberry cake so much,?that we’re back for more. We’d like a buttermilk and chocolate cream pie! Can’t wait! Thank you.


  3. Went a little crazy ordering. I’ll take the chocolate pie now and I’ll order the buttermilk when chocolate is gone. Thanks

  4. Can you deliver cakes?

  5. Amanda, I got a new phone and lost your phone number. Can I have it again? Also, do your strawberry cupcakes have the same icing as the strawberry cake?

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