Cookie Dough Fundraising



The information included here will outline the details of what we offer with our cookie dough fundraiser. Please contact us directly with any questions and to schedule your next fundraiser!

Amanda Joy’s Cookie Dough offers 9 scrumptious flavors for your customers to choose from:    

  • 4 CLASSIC flavors: Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Craisin, Peanut Butter – $15/tub
  • 4 GOURMET flavors: Triple Chocolate, Lemon Cranberry, Monster, Mint Chocolate – $18/tub
  • 1 FEATURED flavor: White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – $20/tub

When a customer purchases 4 or more tubs of cookie dough, they will receive a free 0.75oz cookie scoop.

Your organization will be solely responsible for collecting order forms and money from participants.  You are also responsible for making copies of all order forms.  You will keep the original order forms for your records and you will turn in the copied set to Amanda Joy’s as your official order.

Once received, Amanda Joy’s will produce the cookie dough within two weeks of the date of your order. Amanda Joy’s will send you an invoice for your order that must be paid at least three days before delivery of your product. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

Your organization will earn 25%-50% of your sales, based on total tubs ordered.


Product is delivered frozen in boxes, organized by each seller’s name on an agreed-upon pick-up date.

Delivery is free up to 60 miles from Abilene, with the following minimum orders: 100 tubs/Abilene, 200 tubs/30 mile limit, 250 tubs/60 mile limit, 60+ miles TBD.

Contact us directly with questions and to schedule your next fundraiser!

Amanda J. Spell // 325-280-1442 //

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