Cookies & More

Pretzel Delights – $6.50/dozen – These pretzel and chocolate combinations are truly unique.  Choose holiday colors or  your group’s colors for these cute treats.

Brownies – $10.00/dozen – A super moist brownie covered with scrumptious icing.  Not your traditional brownie!

Peanut Butter/Fudge Brownies – $12.00/dozen – My original brownies with an amazing layer of peanut butter icing nestled between the brownies and the fudge icing!

***NEW***Lemon Bars – $10.00/dozen – A delicious, tart treat!

Thumbprint Cookies – $6.00/dozen – Beyond the traditional taste!  Most pastel colors available.

Iced Sugar Cookies – $14.00/dozen – Available in many shapes, these delicious, soft sugar cookies have white icing and sprinkles.

The following cookies are gourmet sized.  If you are looking for a smaller, more traditional sized cookie, please ask for pricing details.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – $9.00/dozen – My grandmother’s recipe is my inspiration for these scrumptious cookies.

Monster Cookies – $9.00/dozen – Peanut butter, oatmeal, and M&Ms all in one cookie…YUMMY!!!

Lemon Cranberry Cookies – $9.00/dozen – Lemon flavored cookies with cranberries and white chips.

Snickerdoodles – $9.00/dozen – These utterly delightful cookies are chewy with just the right balance of sugar and cinnamon!

Peanut Butter Cookies – $9.00/dozen – Soft, chewy, delectable cookies!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – $9.00/dozen – A perfect blend of oatmeal and raisins make these cookies wonderfully delicious!

Banana Pudding – $20.00 – Layers of goodness give this traditional dessert a little “Umph”!

Strawberry Trifle – $22.00 – Strawberries and angel food cake create this unforgettable treat.

Chocolate Delight – $22.00 – Chocolate richness is all I can say about this special dessert!

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